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Magic 4 Kids DVD

Image of Magic 4 Kids DVD


This is the full Magic 4 Kids live show DVD.

In early 2018 Sam set out to perform a few stage shows that were purely for younger children. Sam wanted to write and perform a show that gave children a chance to go to a theatre and see something that they can relate to and laugh their heads off at. Children as young as 2 years old came along and thoroughly enjoyed it...not to mention the older kids and all the parents. Magic 4 kids received rave reviews and it was definitely a huge success.

Filmed in front of a packed out audience at the Barn Theatre in Seaford.

The DVD features the whole live show. Including: Baby Leo (from Britain's Got Talent), Sam's new puppet character Poppy the Pink Skunk, Bartholemew The Dog, The Big Finale Space Race and LOADS more!

Recommended for younger children. Trust me, they'll love it!

A tailer for the show is available to watch at